Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You stink.

What is it about sisters?

I found some old journals. My elementary school entries are full of Megan. I love her. I hate her. She's "going out" with ---, and things like:

Age 10: "Today I was humiliated by Megan, my painful sister."

I have some stuff from CASS days too:
Me in grade 9- "Megan and I were in a fight from Friday, but we're friends again."
......."Megan told me she read my diary to find out what was going on. Nice! I wrote some pretty shafting things in here. She cried for awhile. She said she was just shaking when she read this..."

"Megan came home on Saturday. When she got off the plane, no one was there to meet her 'cause the van broke down. Mom and Steven ran down the road to see her. She got home at 11pm. I was glad to see her. She has a really dark tan and big muscles, but she's still the same. We had a surprise party (welcome home/sweet 16) a bunch of people came and it was pretty fun..... It's great having Meggie home again. It's like a missing part of me is there again." 

"Megan is doing well. She says tree planting is the hardest thing she's ever done but that it's a good experience for her. I think she will hate it in a few more days. She's really excited about going to school together. I used to joke about going to whatever school she goes to, but I actually feel that way. I wouldn't be happy anywhere else."

(Just off the plane-home from Cuba) "Megan was the first one I saw. I think someone said "oh my word" and Megan yelled my name."

 "...I cried that morning." (Megan's wedding day)

Having sisters has been one of the best parts of my life.

Have a happy day, my lovelies.


Jane said...

This made me laugh, made my choke up a little weeny bit....

Megan said...

Me too, Jane.
This makes me realize how much we influence those in our family, without fully understanding it at the time.
I wish I was a better friend to you in some of those younger years Katie!
We really did have some great years and then some "too cool" years and then great years again...